Re-imagining the non-alc category

Liquid was approached for a one-off campaign to launch non-alcoholic spirit brand Lyre’s in mid-2019. In the short time since, Lyre’s has reinvented the non-alc industry and gone from start-up to global force — seeing revenue growth of 538% in the year to January 2021.

Since 2019, Liquid’s remit has expanded exponentially to encompass a larger scale retainer including PR media office, advocacy, content strategy, and brand, partnership and events opps — many of which have since been rolled out in global markets.

A marker of success, the Lyre's sales team regularly report a direct correlation between media coverage going live online and increased sales.

Liquid has played a major role in the growth and scaling of the brand, and with non-alc representing one of the most exciting trends in the industry, with Lyre's, we're just getting started.

Pieces of coverage generated since launch
200 +
In reach, across consumer, news & trade publications
10 M

“Lyre’s was effectively an Australian start-up when we started working together, and many of the strategies developed with Liquid have become our blueprint for launching into other markets. I would recommend Liquid to any prospective business looking for a trusted PR partner.”

Paul Gloster
CMO, Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits